Seaview Mobil Gas Station

Seaview Mobil Station

Clam Digging is one of the big events down here on the Long Beach Peninsula.  There are several clam digs every year.  We sell clam digging licenses and supplies at the Seaview Mobil Station.  Please check out this Clam Digging page for all the info you will need to have a enjoyable and sucessful clam dig on the Long Beach Peninsula.  Don't forget to pick up your Clam Whistle at the Seaview Mobil Station before clamming!

2016 Clam Digging Season
On the Long Beach Peninsula the clam digging season typically opens for a few days every month from October - April.
  • Please note: Digging for razor clams is restricted to the hours between Noon and Midnights.  The best time to dig for clams is just before low tide.
    Tide Charts - Click Here

2016 Clam Diggin Limits

  • 15 clams per person.  You must keep the first 15 clams that you dig up even if they are small.  You have to carry your own clams but you can share clam digging tools with family or friends.

How to dig for razor clams


Delicious Razor Clam Recipies
Here are some great recipies to use after you limit on clams.