Seaview Mobil Gas Station

Seaview Mobil Station


Fishing is big down here in Seaview, Ilwaco and Long Beach.  Fishermen enjoy fishing for sturgeon at the mouth of the Columbia River.  You can also fish for salmon, halibut, tuna and bottom fish off the shores of the Long Beach Peninsula.  There are many charters available in Ilwaco and Seaview.  There is also a large crabbing industry in the area.  Don't forget to pick up your fishing license at the Seaview Mobil Gas Station.  We also carry all the fishing supplies you will need to have an enjoyable fishing trip.

2016 Fishing Seasons

Halibut season will open on May 1 (Friday) this year, but will only be 3 days/week: Thursday, Friday & Saturday until the quote is reached. It should open again August 6th on the same schedule until quotas are met.

Regular Salmon opens on June 28th this year and will run for 7 days a week! It is predicted to be the best season since 2001! Buoy 10 is also supposed to be excellent, with over 1.1 million fish coming back this year.
*Special opener for Chinook Salmon tentatively set for June, one fish limit, in the ocean, 7 days a week.

Bottom Fish
Bottom fish opens May 1st till the end of September. 7 days a week.

Sturgeon season will open on May 9 and continue through June 28, with a bonus of July 2,3, and 4. One fish limit, must be between 45" and 60" to keep. Catch and release available after those dates.

Tuna season should begin middle to latter part of July and go into September. 7 days a week. We will have a great fishery with live bait.

Local Charters
Call for or check their websites for availability, dates and prices

Videos Showing the fishing action on the Long Beach Peninsula

Tuna Fishing

Sturgeon Fishing

Salmon Fishing

Local Long Beach Peninsula Restaurants
If you don't feel like catching your own fish, here are some places to get some!

  • Anchor Grill & Lounge - 300 N 14th Street, Long Beach, WA, 1-360-642-3490
  • Cap'n Bob's Chowder - 609 Pacific Way S, Long Beach, WA, 1-360-866-0630
  • Castaway's Seafood Grille - 208 Pacific Ave S, Long Beach, WA, 1-360-642-4745
  • Crab Pot - 1917 Pacific Hwy S, Long Beach, WA, 1-360-642-8870
  • Lost Roo - 1700 Pacific Hwy, Long Beach, WA - Opening Soon